Saturday, August 26, 2023

Poem: A Rebel Worth My Life

The cowboy
The counter-culture hippy
The peaceful demonstrator
Wielding weapons of love and joy 
God-Light invading darkness
Riding unbroken colt through a frenzied crowd
Healing while restoring
Goodness defeating deception
Revealing truth, exposing lies, standing for what is right
All the way
All the way to a terrible death
All the while
All the while knowing that death would open the door
for His followers to enter true life.
If we only knew Him better
His heart, His, nature, His personality.
We would like him. We would. We, too, would want to follow.
Hearing His voice would dim all the voices of our accusers;
Accepting His promise would eliminate our shame;
lift us to freedom to know and become who we were created to be.
Knowing His joy would overcome our fear of tomorrow.
Accepting His life, His way, would increase our life, our way in His loving hands.
He has never been a holy spirit of condemnation and punishment.
No. Jesus is a friend, a lover, an encourager, a fighter against those who would judge us.
Breathe in His fragrance and begin to see the world with new eyes.
When I first encountered this Man, this Man Person yet God spirit; I recognized the One my heart and spirit had searched for all my life.
He is worth every moment of pain in that search.
I am now home in Him; seeing through His eyes; hearing through His ears; understanding through His wisdom; living through His life; breathing with His breath; loving with His love; and I see my life on a scale of not a human lifeline, but an eternal one.
Oh, there is so much more to this Rebel, this Jesus.
So much.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Hopeful Expectations

What if we could make fear go away? How? We stop talking about imagined disaster. We stop listening to media alarm. We begin to live again…laugh again…hope again that the world is good.

Might this defeat the weapon of fear? Might the new narrative, spoken aloud, create a different reality? Is this what the kingdom government of God might look like? If we weren’t living in fear, might we make different decisions? Might we open doors of innovation bringing new solutions to education, government, media, health care, family, life? 

Good days are ahead.

Cooler weather is coming.

The earth is stable.

What is happening is not unusual.

Sleep. Rest. Breathe.

Let's turn off the noise and turn on some music.

Dancing is healing; joy is wisdom; love is the main thing.

Job 3:25 says “what I feared the most has come upon me.”

Fear is a great weapon. Let's do the opposite and embrace hopeful expectation of good.

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Will They?


Will people follow darkness

            or light?

Will they move toward fear

            or hope?

Will they believe lies? 

            Or respond to an inner knowing of truth?

Will they choose wrong?

            Or run after right?

Will they serve self?

            Or will they live for the sake of others?

Will hate win?

            Or will love take the podium?

Will what is happening be an end?

            Or a beginning?

Will I do nothing?

            Or say “yes” and do something?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Seeds of Difference-Making

I forgot about the time I was an activist in Junior High School until I ran across a newspaper clipping while going through some old boxes. There was an article about me in the Shorewood Herald. I had passed a petition among the students to protest the removal of the Christmas manger scene on the Shorewood High School grounds. The creche had been there as long as anyone could remember, nestled among tall pines. 
It was the mid 60s and tensions in our country were rising with war, racism, and talk of enforcing separation of church and state.

My dad put me up to the petition, I’m sure. But I like that he gave me a lesson in how we can make a difference in life by having a voice. Because of the petition, the manger remained that year. 

I don’t know if it still stands. But I do know the climate of our world and nation today feel very similar to the sixties.

Just like that little Christmas petition, a simple petition in a small town could work to change a school board decision, a town hall vote, or even influence a federal legislator. Small seeds. Tiny steps. What can I do today? I pray - and that’s big. I meet with a group called Women of Courage - who are wanting to make a difference together. I also write - mostly to bring healing and hope and love. Maybe that’s enough - or maybe that is only a start.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Join the Company of Davids


On my heart today:

We are facing many giants: Loss of life; disease; untimely threats to our wellbeing; blatant destruction of things precious to our lives.

Will you join me?

Let's form a Company of Davids. While crowds around us are retreating in fear, we are marching toward Goliath hurling stones. Our weapons are praise to our God; trust in our Jesus; our strength in our Holy Spirit; faith; belief; the testimony of miracles; declarations of life; hope; courage; and prayer. Together, we are mighty.

This giant will not prevail. We have already won. Who dares to defy the armies of the living God? #companyofdavids

Friday, March 13, 2020

BSSM Grads Keep On Keeping On

There are five things I've learned in the ten years since Rick and I attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM):

1: The older we get, the hungrier we get. The love of learning and the heart's desire to ever know more of the nature and love of God keep us studying, moving forward in life, and following what we sense God is wanting us to do.

2: There is fruit; and where there is fruit, there is good soil and quality seed. BSSM provided that foundation for us, and our life since then has been filled with awesome opportunities to not only adventure with Him - but see so many people enjoy His healing, peace, joy, and presence.

3: The message hasn't changed.  That message is: "God is good. He's better than we imagine. We are His beloved children. All He asks of us is to be His sons and daughters. It's from that precious identity we seek to want to do with Him what He asks us because we love Him and love His exploits.

4: We have the authority of Jesus to defeat the enemy of our souls. We can pray and declare truth and trust things are happening in the spirit. We can sing praises; laugh; and live in joy - and know that these are mighty weapons to defeat the plans of the enemy. We can know that Papa God delights in us and is with us in all things. We can know that even in bad times He will somehow and with great strength turn them around for good. We can trust that His promises will come to pass concerning us.

5: We continue to live in awe and thanks for all we learned while in school. So many helped us attend; and we pray many have benefitted from our time there. It has been such a joy to share what we learned and to pour into others what was poured into us.

We love you all and have so much hope and many plans for the coming years. It's going to be good!

Psalm 145:15 - You have captured our attention and the eyes of all look to you. You give what they hunger for at just the right time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

BSSM Adventures: What If We Prayed Over Our Babies?

BSSM Adventures: What If We Prayed Over Our Babies?: What if we prayed over our babies, making declarations like: “You are destined for greatness; you are smart; you are going to be the happ...